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STEMOTICS is specialized robotics center in Cambridge, Ontario. It aims at providing children and youngsters with the right skills to expedite their learning, especially in STEM-related fields, and to express their creativity. STEMOTICS is about helping children exploring their potentials and developing their life skills.

    We provide children with a continuous fun and interactive learning experience in a safe and healthy environment using robotics along with other supporting programs.

    We provide schools and teachers with the opportunity to utilize robotics in the educational process through a series of TOT programs and specialized consultancy.
    We provide children, parents, teachers, schools and all interested parties with an interactive network utilizing our established relations with highly recognized institutions in the region and the world.

Instructor at STEMOTICS has been successful in helping children to learn and progressively improve their STEM skills through the use of mobile educational robots. Our instructors are active member of the local robotics community in the Ontario region and has coached FIRST Lego League student teams, World Robotics Olympiad, World Skills and run training seminars for LEGO MIndstorm EV3 and LEGO WeDo Program for teachers.


Our mission at STEMOTICS is to excite, inspire, and motivate young people about the fun, importance and impact of robotics technology in today’s world.

We hope to stimulate their imagination and creativity by encouraging them to explore, experience, and express themselves through our hands-on interactive robotics program.


  • Investigating machines from a real engineer’s point of view and the programmatic mechanisms required to operate the machine, using mathematics and physics
  • Focusing on mechanical software design, using teamwork
  • Finding solutions for programmatic-mechanical optimization problems


  • Develops - procedural logical thinking; ability to cope malfunctions; mathematical thinking; programming skills; motor skills; engineering processes analytic skills
  • Encourages creative thinking and Strengthens social aptitude, self-confidence and a sense of capability


To encourage our children to become engineers by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated; where innovation, originality and ability to work in a team will serve as key competitive parameters and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.