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What is the logic in having a 2nd grader sit in the same class as a 1st grader?
Aren't the lessons too long? Don’t the children lose interest?
Can a 1st grader understand the substance of the lessons?

Our enrichment programs are especially made for children of this age group. Our programs and workshops have been active for a number of years now, and all have enjoyed great success. Each lesson includes a familiar background story with corresponding live experiments. I invite you to ask the children at the end of the lesson what they learned and you’ll be surprised to hear how much they can comprehend at this age.[/su_spoiler]

My child is 4 and half (preschool), gifted and is interested in participating. Why isn't it possible?
Do the children take the models home?
How long are the programs and how often do they take place?
Is it possible to attend a trial lesson?
What happens if a lesson is cancelled due to a holiday?
Can I sit with my child during class?

Staying with your child is not recommended. The goal of the program is for the children to manage by themselves, and try to deal with different tasks. Additionally, there is the problem that if you escort your child, every child will want their parents there, and this can cause problems for the instructor.[/su_spoiler]

How big are your groups?
Does each child receive a kit?
Who are the instructors?

We hire instructors that have experience working with children. Each instructor has undertaken a special STEMOTICS training course, which includes live field training with experienced instructors.[/su_spoiler]

Are your instructors engineers?
Is it possible to buy the enrichment programs kit?